Standard 8 hour mediation

Value of dispute*          Rate                Zoom

Under£80k                     £850              £750

£80k - £250k                 £1350            £1250

£250k - £500k               £1500           £1400

£500k - £1M                    £1850           £1750

£1M+                                    By arrangement


* For money claims, value of dispute = amounts of any claims + counter-claims + interest and costs.

For non-money claims the value is calculated by reference to the value of the underlying asset. Please call for details.

This amount is the  total for the mediation and is usually split equally between the parties. It includes all preparation, travel time and expenses (in Great Britain).

The rate for half-day mediations is two-thirds of the full day rate. The hourly rate for extra hours is £200. 

I participate in the Civil Mediation Council's Fixed Fee Scheme for disputes valued under £50k. 

Conflict Avoidance

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